Jul 30, 2013

Litany: A Christian Response to Injustice

Here’s a litany inspired by Romans 12:14-21.
(based on Romans 12:14-21)

My friends, how do we respond when people mistreat us?
When they injure us physically,
or bully us emotionally;
when they steal what we own,
or cheat us out of what is rightfully ours;
when they spread false rumours about us,
or turn our friends against us?
How does God call us to respond?
God calls us to bless those who persecute us;
to pray for them rather than curse them.
God calls to do what is right and honourable at all times—
to live as peace-makers,
never retaliating with evil or seeking revenge
no matter what has been done to us.
God calls us to treat our enemies with love and kindness,
and in this way, overpower evil with good.

~ written by Christine Longhurst, and posted on re:Worship. http://re-worship.blogspot.ca/