Labor Litany

Here’s a litany from the Interfaith Worker Justice website.

Labor Litany

God of all things, we thank you for work.
For in our work you call us to give you honor,
serve others and create a loving community.

God of grace and hospitality,
we thank you for the many immigrants
who come to work and live in our land.
May we serve them as they serve us.
May we welcome them,
for the Word tells us that as we entertain strangers we entertain God.
When we give drink to the thirsty or feed the hungry,
we serve Jesus our Savior.

God of justice,
you call us to treat the laborers in the vineyard fairly.
Your prophets decry the oppression of the workers.
Your people traveled forty years
to escape the oppressive work of the Egyptians.

Merciful and forgiving God,
when we establish just and living wages,
when we create safe and healthy working conditions,
when we provide harassment-free working places,
we are setting free the oppressed.
We are creating justice.
We are doing God’s work.

Thanks be to God that in our work we can be faithful
and that working with others makes us faithful to our God and Savior.

~ adapted from Interfaith Worker Justice, “Labor Litany,”  Posted on Acts of Faith.