Readers' Theatre: Genesis 18: 1 - 10

Here’s a readers’ theatre setting of Genesis 18: 1-10, the suggested Old Testament reading for Proper 11 C.  It is set for three readers.

Readers’ Theatre
(Genesis 18: 1-10)

One:     The Lord appeared again to Abraham
near the oak grove belonging to Mamre.
One day Abraham was sitting at the entrance to his tent
during the hottest part of the day. 
He looked up and noticed three men standing nearby.
When he saw them, he ran to meet them and welcomed them,
bowing low to the ground.

Two:     “My lords, if it pleas you, stop here for a while. 
Rest in the shade of this tree
while water is brought to wash your feet. 
And since you’ve honored your servant with this visit,
let me prepare some food to refresh you
before you continue on your journey.

Three:  Thank you – we would gladly accept your hospitality.

One:     And so, in spite of the heat,
            Abraham hurried into his tent to find Sarah.

Two:     Sarah, we have guests.
            Quickly prepare three measures of our best flour,
            knead it into dough, and make some bread.

One:     Then Abraham ran to where his herds were pastured.
            He took a tender calf and gave it to one of his servants,
            who rushed off to prepare the choice meat.
            When it was ready, Abraham took curds and milk,
            along with them meat,
            and he placed all of this lavish feast
            before his honored guests.
            He stood nearby under the tree while they ate to their fill.

Three:  Where is Sarah, your wife?

Two:     She’s right there…in the tent.

Three:  I will return here to you next year around this time,
            and by then, your wife Sarah will have given birth to a son.