Confession: Psalm 103

Here’s a prayer of confession inspired by Psalm 103. It was written by David Alexander.

Prayer of Confession
(based on Psalm 103)

Holy and Merciful God,
We confess to you our forgetfulness.
We confront today our waywardness.
We accept Lord that we are sinful.
To turn to our past is to recall both your great acts of love and kindness…
as well as many moments and situations where we know we failed you.
Even still… your love remains.

And so in humility and brokenness we pray
We ask you to forgive.
We ask Lord that you would heal.
Buy us back, Lord, redeem us from our slavery to ourselves and our own way.
Crown us again with your acceptance and care.
Satisfy the real thirst of our soul.

Renew us with the strength that only you can give.
Reveal yourself to us again as a God of grace…
Rich in mercy, patient with our wandering.
As far as the rising sun is from the setting sun,
remove our sin from us.

Our lives are dust.
Our existence is temporary.
Our breathe, a gift from you.

Today, Lord, and together, Lord, we declare…
our affection, our adoration and our praise for you.
In the holy and loving name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

~ written by David Alexander, and posted on David’s Bucket.