Calls to Worship: Isaiah 1: 10-20

Here’s a call to worship inspired by Isaiah 1: 10-20 (The Message). It comes from the Spacious Faith website.

Call to Worship
(from Isaiah 1: 10-20)

God says, “Quit your worship charades.
I can’t stand your trivial religious games.
When you put on your next prayer-performance,
I’ll be looking the other way.”
Are we here as a charade?
Are we playing a game?
Are our prayers just a way to show off how spiritual we are?
Why are we here?
Not to show that we are wonderful people,
but to become better people.
To strengthen our spirits as we seek to live out God’s call:
Say no to wrong.
Learn to do good.
Work for justice.
Help the down-and-out.
Stand up for the homeless.
Go to bat for the defenseless.
May this time of worship bear fruit for the Kingdom of God. Amen.

~ based on the Message version of Isaiah 1:10-20.  Posted on Joanna Harader’s Spacious Faith website.