Call to Worship: A Remarkable God

Here’s a responsive call to worship from Bruce Prewer’s Home Page.

Call to Worship

We are here
to worship a remarkable God.
The love of God welcomes us,
the grace of Christ awaits us,
the joy of the Spirit enfolds us.

Don’t come as slaves, come as the truly free.
Don’t come as petitioners, come as those who are already heard.
Don’t come as interlopers, come as invited guests.
Don’t come as the outsiders, come as much-wanted children.
The love of God emboldens us.
The grace of Christ redeems us.
The joy of the Spirit uplifts us

Come as the joyful, come as the eager, come as the thankful,
come as the recipients of amazing grace.
The love of God overflows our hearts,.
The grace of Christ liberates our spirits,
The joy of the Spirit sings in our minds.

~ written by Bruce Prewer, and posted on Bruce Prewer’s Home Page.