Benediction: Luke 12: 32-40

Here’s a benediction inspired by Luke 12: 32-40.  It was written by James E. Janecek.

(inspired by Luke 12: 32-40)

As we go forth to proclaim and live the Good News,
may our hearts remain set on an unfailing treasure in heaven
where no thief comes near and no moth destroys.
Wherever we are, may we know your treasured love in our hearts,
and be always ready to open a door
as soon as we hear Jesus coming and knocking. 
Let us follow the footsteps of Christ into the world,
and like our Savior, may we unconditionally serve in love
all who dwell on this home called earth.  Amen!

~ written by James E. Janecek, and posted on the Worship Ways website.