Jun 8, 2013

Psalm of Praise: Our Country

Here’s a prayer of praise and petition which would be especially suitable on national holidays.  It was written by Leslie Brandt.

Psalm of Praise

How grateful we are, O God,
for our great country,
for the blessings you lavish upon our land.

How concerned we are, O God,
that our very nation may become our god
and that we worship the gifts
rather than the Giver!

Is it possible, O God,
that our laws may circumvent your will
that our freedom may place chains on others
that our wealth may impoverish some
that our power may come by way of another’s weakness?

That our enemies may be those
who are obedient to you?

Dare we pray, O God,
that you take away those things that
come between us and you?

~ Leslie Brandt, in Meredith Sommers Dregni, Experiencing More with Less (Kitchener: Herald Press, 1983), 75.