Prayer: Psalm 5

Here’s a prayer from Pray the Psalms, inspired by Psalm 5.

(inspired by Psalm 5)

My enemies, Lord, aren't like those of David. I don’t have flesh and blood enemies today, people who are seeking to tear me down with their words. Rather, my enemies are spiritual in nature: the lure of materialism, the idolatry of pride, the arrogance of self-centered sovereignty.

So, dear Lord, lead me in Your righteousness. Help me to avoid and even to defeat my enemies. When I’m faced with crucial choices, may I seek and find Your ways. Enable me to see reality from Your point of view, to identify the good and seek it, to name evil as evil and avoid it.

In asking You to lead me, Lord, I’m acknowledging Your superlative wisdom and Your unparalleled sovereignty. You know what is best for me. And You have a rightful claim upon my life. So lead me in the ways of Your kingdom. May my life be useful for You. May my paths give You glory.

~ posted on Pray the Psalms.