Prayer: Psalm 32

Here’s a prayer inspired by Psalm 32.  It was written by Chris Altrock.

Prayer: Admission
(inspired by Psalm 32)

Lord, I crossed a line I never thought I would. 
I made a choice I never thought I could. 
I messed up–big time.
Then, regretful and remorseful, I hid my crime.  
I determined to not come clean. 
My lips and tongue would not confess what my heart and hands had done. 
But the tighter my lips grew, the more toxic the guilt became. 
The deader my tongue, the deader my whole being. 
The secret became a burden I could not bear.
Thus, fearful and frustrated, I admitted my crime.  
I confessed my deed. 
I owned up to every despicable detail.
And you forgave. 
You did not hold it against me.  
Rather than sentence me, you saved me.
And now, I rejoice. I sing. My heart is glad.

~ written by Chris Altrock, and posted on True North.