Prayer of Confession: Psalm 5

Lord, hear us as we call out to you this morning;
listen to our heart-felt prayers.
We bring our confession before you,
and wait for your response.

We know that you do not tolerate deliberate sin;
you take no pleasure in wickedness.
We know that you hate evil,
and will not abide those who pervert and destroy what is good.

We also know that, despite our best intentions,
we often do not measure up to the standard you have set for us,
that our attitudes and actions often fall far short of what you desire.

And so we offer you our confession.
Lord, in your mercy,
hear our prayer.


We praise you, God!
Despite our mistakes and failures, you welcome us into your presence.
Because of your unfailing love, we can draw close to you,
and receive your forgiveness and mercy.
Help us to move forward with joy and confidence,
knowing that you go with us.
Continue to reveal yourself to us,
and lead us in your paths.  Amen.