Prayer: Luke 10: 25-37

Here’s a prayer inspired by Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10: 25-37).  It comes from The First Thousand Years website.

The Prayer of a Servant
(inspired by Luke 10:25-37)

My Lord God,
I confess that I am the priest and the Levite.

Not only did I walk past, I walked away.
I was too busy, too frightened, my heart was too cold.
In my own abundance,
I was too poor in spirit to bear the cost.
In my own comfort,
I was too complacent to suffer any inconvenience.

It was the Samaritan,
a man despised and without pride of position or parentage,
who was faithful and loving and who gave of himself sacrificially.

Father God, in your mercy,
say that it is not too late for me.
Another may have borne the burden,
but I can go to the inn and sit with the traveler while he heals.
I can bathe his wounds and feed him
and lighten his spirit until the Good One returns.
Grant me the grace to do that little service with a grateful heart;
please stand with me so that I will not walk away
and shun the greater service the next time.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God,
have mercy on me, the sinner. Amen.