Prayer from Psalm 42: Have Hope

Here is Chris Altrock’s contemporary take on Psalm 42.

Prayer:  Have Hope
(inspired by Psalm 42)

God, my soul is sad. 
My heart is hopeless.  
I’m frowning within and without.
But I know the cure. 
The crack in my heart can be mended by you. 
The thirst in my throat can be quenched by you.  
How refreshing you are! 
I spend a few minutes in worship
and you replace everything that is missing. 
You rehydrate my heart. 
You replenish my spirit.
So I’m telling my soul, “Cheer up!” 
I’m counseling my heart, “Have hope!” 
For you, my God, are all I need and more.

~ written by Chris Altrock, and posted on True North.