Pastoral Prayer: Proper 6 C

Here’s a prayer of adoration and confession inspired by the scripture readings for Proper 6, Year C.   It was written by Rev. Adam Hood.

Prayers of Adoration and Confession

God our Father, Creator of all,
in these few moments of worship,
we come to you with the words and works,
the desires, and hopes, and fears,
that dominate our everyday lives.

We come to give thanks in all things;
to seek new perspective, to find new strength.

Jesus Christ, Son of God,
help us today to find our hearts burning –
with a fiery love and devotion to you,
so that, kneeling at your feet,
we hear the tender whisper of your call

Holy Spirit, Wind of God,
open our minds to learn from Christ,
that in listening we might hear,
and in hearing we might respond,
as he invites us, to come, and die, and live.

Eternal God, Creator, Redeemer and Comforter,
hear us as we confess our wrongdoings.
Often we wear ourselves down with a pretence of righteousness.
Today, we throw off this attempt,
simply admitting our failure
to live in the way of Christ. Amen 

~ written by Rev Adam Hood, and posted on the Church of Scotland’s Starters for Sunday website.