Confession: Sift Our Thoughts

Here’s a prayer of confession from Bruce Prewer.

Confession & Assurance

We come to God, not to justify ourselves but to repent and trust the saving grace of Christ Jesus.
Let us pray.

Look upon us, loving Saviour, sift our thoughts
and assess our feelings.

Deal firmly with those things that have inhibited our love
and diverted our energies.

Loving God, whatever you see
as self-righteous, censure,
as twisted, straighten,
as heartless, soften,
as fruitless, prune,
as infected, cleanse.

Flood your relentless Spirit through our whole being,
sweeping away guilt and its lethargy,
and by the saving grace of Christ Jesus,
heal the hidden springs of our personality.

Thank you, Holy Friend, for answering our prayers
before we get round to asking them,
and for doing much more than we ask or think.
Through your Son and our Saviour;

Words of Assurance

In Christ Jesus we are a radically renewed community.
Thanks be to God!
Old things are done away with, all things become new.
Thanks be to God!
We are agents of grace and reconciliation.
Thanks be to God!
With every step or stumble, Christ will be with us.
Thanks be to God!

~ written by Bruce Prewer, and posted on Bruce Prewer’s Home Page.