Jun 6, 2013

Call to Worship: 1 Kings 19: 8-15

Here’s a call to worship inspired by Elijah’s encounter with God at Mount Sinai.  It was written by Thom Shuman.

Call to Worship
(inspired by 1 Kings 19: 8-15)

When we long for the special effects we think life should offer:
it is enough, for us, that God comes in a soft, summer shower.

When we our hearts are cracked by the drought of doubt:
it is enough, for us, that God opens up the fountains of faith for us. 

When our senses are deadened by the sales pitches of our culture:
it is enough, for us, that God wraps us in the silence of grace.

~ written by Thom Shuman, and posted on Lectionary Liturgies. http://lectionaryliturgies.blogspot.ca/