A Prayer for Faithfulness in Mission

Here’s a prayer inspired by Luke 10: 1-11, 16-20.  It was written by David Beswick.

Prayer for Faithfulness in Mission

Loving God,
as we prepare to share in the life of Christ at the holy table,
grant us the grace to share in his life in the world through faithful witness.
Teach us how to be open with others about our faith in him,
to speak the truth in love, humbly and without shame.
Save us and all members of the church,
especially those with leadership responsibilities,
from the temptation to conform to what is popular
or what is favoured by people we admire for their success in the world.
Teach us how to rely upon you, in the power of the Spirit,
and not upon ourselves, to bring the harvest of the Kingdom.
Let us seek no other reward
than to know that we will receive what is promised to faithful witnesses,
the reward of knowing you and being known by you
in the communion of all the saints forever.
In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

~ posted on David Beswick’s Worship and Preaching website. http://www.beswick.info/rclresources/14C95OS.htm