Prayers of the People: 1 Kings 8

Here’s a prayer of intercession inspired by King Solomon’s prayer of dedication for the new temple (1 Kings 8).

Prayer of intercession
(inspired by 1 Kings 8)

Eternal God,
there is no other god who can compare to you, in heaven or on the earth.
Even the highest heavens cannot contain you!

And yet, you walk among us.
We have experienced your presence in our midst,
and have felt your guiding hand.
You have faithfully kept your covenant with us,
and shown unfailing love to all who trust in you.

And so we come before you with confidence,
believing that you hear the prayers we offer,
and that you will respond.

[insert local prayers and petitions]

Gracious God, hear our prayers.
Look with mercy on your gathered people.
Go with us, as you have gone with your people throughout history.
Give us a desire to do your will in all things,
so that the whole world may come to know
that you alone are God.  Amen.