Prayer: Psalm 30

Here’s a prayer from Pray the Psalms, inspired by Psalm 30.

(inspired by Psalm 30)

Gracious God, You are the healer. You are the One who makes bodies whole, who mends marriages, who binds up broken hearts. Though You often heal through various means – doctors, medicines, surgeries, loving friends, forgiveness – You are still the source of all health and healing. You are the One who defines wholeness and who gives it as a gift.

Dear Lord, continue to heal me where I am broken. You see those places, Lord, even when I don’t see them. Heal my fears, my sadness, my inner brokenness. Make me the whole person You have created and saved me to be.

Yet I know, Lord, that full healing doesn’t come in this life. I look forward to the time when I shall stand before You completed, made perfect through Your grace. In the meanwhile, may I discover more of Your wholeness each day.

~ posted on Pray the Psalms.