May 21, 2013

Prayer of Confession: Trinity Sunday

Here’s a prayer of confession for Trinity Sunday (the first Sunday after Pentecost).  It was written by Katherine Lee Baker.

Prayer of Confession for Trinity Sunday

Holy and triune God,
You alone live in perfect relationship,
One God in three persons,
Mutual and loving,
Ever seeking reconciliation and unity.

You have called us to live in your completion, yet
We confess that our relationships are imperfect and
We are incomplete without you.
We are selfish and greedy.
We are anxious and resenting.
We feel the shame of our foolish behavior and brokenness.
We have allowed sin to drive us apart from one another
And from you.

Forgive us and restore us,
Draw us close and bind us together in your mercy.
May we long for wholeness and peace,
May we strive toward gratitude and grace
In the saving name of your son, Jesus Christ,
By the working power of your Holy Spirit.

~ written by Katherine Lee Baker, and posted on the Reformed Church in America website.