Prayer for Ordinary Time

Here’s a prayer of thanksgiving and commitment as the church enters into “Ordinary” time – the season between Pentecost and the beginning of Advent.  It was written by Deborah Harris.

A Prayer for Ordinary Time

Creator Redeemer Sustainer God,
How extraordinary is Your “ordinary time.”
How uncommon is the commonplace in Your Kingdom.
The mundane is made miraculous,
full of holy opportunities.
The smallest joy a jubilee!

Created anew may we grow tall and
“grace-full” in Your likeness.

Redeemed by Your sacrifice may we come
to know the depths of Your love.

Sustained by Your Spirit may we be steadfast
and shining in Your service.

We humbly ask that You continue to bless us
with all we need for
the living of these days—
these wondrous ordinary days—.
that our everyday lives may be gifted
to experience the vitality of Christian community,
to share Your message of hope,
reaching out to the poor and hurting,
and bringing glory and honor to You, our God. Amen.

~ written by Deborah Harris, a lyricist and freelance writer in Waco, Texas. From Sacred Seasons, Pentecost/Ordinary Time 1999. Posted on Simple Living Works.