New Hymn for Pentecost

Here’s a new hymn text for Pentecost from Rick Lindholtz.  He writes: “The idea was to write a text for Pentecost Sunday that placed the ministry of the Holy Spirit in a biblical context.”

He suggests using the early American tune, BEACH SPRING (Come ye sinners, poor and needy).  If your congregation doesn’t know that tune, you could use any tune that felt right.  If your congregation doesn’t know any hymns, you could use a contemporary melody like Brian Doerksen’s The River.

Holy Spirit, Sent to Fill Us

Holy Spirit, sent to fill us by the Father and the Son,
You were promised by our Savior, He who died to make us one.
Come and make your home within us; come and claim us as your own,
Come reveal to all your people Jesus reigning on His throne.

Come and teach us how to follow and upon you to rely.
Show to us the face of Jesus, Christ our Savior, born to die.
He came down to dwell among us, with His mighty power to save,
Gave His life for our salvation, and is risen from the grave.

In the faith may we be guided, to the truth may we be led.
Spirit, cause us to remember all the words that Jesus said.
May the Love of God our Father come to us and never part;
May the beauty of the Savior enter into every heart.

~ Copyright © 2008 Rick Lindholtz