May 3, 2013

Litany of Thanksgiving: Graduation

Here’s a litany of thanksgiving for graduation.  It was written by Rev. Shurmaine M.

Litany of Thanksgiving for Graduation

Let us give thanks to the Lord
who guides us to face the challenges and opportunities of life.

We thank you Lord, for your leading, your encouragement,
your gifts of educators and teachers,
of friends and neighbors who have helped us
and encouraged us in the opportunities of life.

Let us give thanks to the Lord
for the families and homes
into which these graduating seniors were born and have been nurtured.

We are grateful, Lord, for our children and our parents,
our homes and families where we learn to grow
and experience all the wonders of this life.

Lord, this is a time of joy for us
as we watch these graduating seniors gather before us
to celebrate the completion of this phase of their education
and move out from here in new directions for their lives. 
We ask that you would be with them as they go
and strengthen them as they take on new responsibilities in this world. 
Give them, and us, faith and encouragement
as we try to be your servants who live in joy and thankfulness
for all we have received.

We praise you Lord, for all your gifts,
and for the opportunity to come together
as people from many faith backgrounds
to celebrate this day with these graduating seniors.

Thanks be to God.