Litany for Father's Day

Here’s a litany of recognition for Father’s Day.  It was written by Rev Mindi, and posted on her Rev-o-lution blog.

Litany of Recognition and Honor
for Father’s Day

On this day we recognize our fathers and stepfathers,
those who have nurtured and guided us in our lives.
We thank You, O God,
for those who have been fathers to us.

We honor our grandfathers, our uncles and brothers,
those who have demonstrated love and care to us in our lives.
We thank You, O God,
for those who have been like fathers to us.

We appreciate our teachers, leaders and pastors,
who have been both male and female,
but we especially honor those who have extended
fatherly tenderness and love in our lives in our past and present.
We thank You, O God,
for those who have fulfilled a fatherly role in our lives.

Loving God, You have been both Mother and Father to us.
Abba, Father, we remember how Jesus called out to You on earth,
recognizing that You are closer to us than our earthly parents.
Your love and care for us are felt
in the ways we are loved and cared for by others.
We thank You for all the male figures in our lives
who have shared Your love with us.
We ask that You guide and nurture new fathers and fathers-to-be.
We seek Your forgiveness for fathers who have fallen short,
for models of fatherhood that were limiting rather than embracing,
for that is not Your model.
You are our ever-loving Parent, Father of us all.
Grant Your wisdom to all fathers and fatherly figures
to love their children as You have loved Your children.
We thank You, O God,
for fatherhood and motherhood,
for the blessing of parents in our lives.

Abba, Father,
we pray with those who are mourning the loss of fathers today,
and for those whose fathers were absent or abusive.
Ease their pain on this day, loving God.
May they know Your embrace,
and that You are more than Father or Mother to us–
You are the all-loving, all-caring Parent,
Creator of heaven and earth,
who knows the hairs on our heads.
We thank You, O God,
that You are always with us,
that You will never leave us or forsake us.

We thank You for this day,
and ask that You bless all of Your children with Your love,
as a wonderful father loves their child.

~ written by Rev. Mindi, and posted on the Rev-o-lution blog.