May 3, 2013

Graduation Prayer and Litany

Here’s a graduation prayer litany from the First Baptist Church of Forest City.

Graduation Prayer Litany

Today, we give thanks and rejoice for the persistence and discipline
that has led to the completion of academic work.
We are thankful for minds and energy,
which are gifts of God, that bring us to celebrate this day.

We give thanks for teacher and learner, for administrators,
and for encouragers that stimulate our minds
and stretch our understanding.

We give thanks for knowledge gained
through observation, research, experiment,
through trial and error until discovery enlightens a path.

We give thanks for educational ventures;
for studies that lead to healing of body
and calming of troubled, disordered minds;

For those thoughts and concepts that lead to mending of relationships
between combative and competitive nations,
to understanding between different races and social classes,
and to reconciliation between husband and wife, parent and child;

For sciences that help us understand ourselves
and the environment in which we live,
and then free us to be good stewards of universal resources
for the wholeness and benefit of humanity;

For words enriched with meaning to enhance communication;

For understanding of forces shaping our past
gained through history, literature, philosophy,
and classical arts that give us sight to understand
the present and the future;

For artistic training that has power to move the heart as well as the mind;

For educators who give their lives to help others learn
to overcome physical, emotional, economic, and societal limitations.

Bless all that has been learned by these graduates,
and may their learning be the seed that will bear fruit in their living,
not simply for their gain, but for the benefit of all people.

As they have worked to gain knowledge,
may each of us discipline ourselves to seek Godly wisdom.
Remind us to
"Seek first the kingdom of God that all else might be given to us."

Grant that our unending quest for knowledge and wisdom
might not lead us to arrogance, intellectual idolatry,
self-sufficiency, or false pride,
but to enriched Christian faith.

Grant that our faith might be built on courage to question
rather than fear of new truths.

Give us confidence in the revelation of God
through scripture, history, and our risen Lord
that motivates us to grasp understanding of all human illumination.

Bathe us in humility to know that in this world we will seek to balance,
on finite scales, knowledge and faith
that will be united fully only in the coming of your kingdom
when then we shall see fully that which now we see only in part.

These things we pray
in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

~ posted on the website of First Baptist Church, Forest City.