Call to Worship, Opening Prayer: Remembering

Here’s a call to worship and opening prayer for Memorial Day or Remembrance Day.  It was written by Gord Waldie.

Call to Worship & Opening Prayer

On this day of memory we gather to sing and to pray,
we remember the past and look to the future.
On this day when the guns once fell silent,
We come before you God, seeking Your peace.
On this day of hope in the face of terror,
We come before you God, praying with all our hearts:
God our help in ages past, our hope for years to come.
Help us to find the path that leads to the Peaceable kingdom.
Open our eyes and the eyes of the nations
to find a different path through the disagreements of life in this world.
In this time of story, song, and prayer,
may we be re-committed to being people of Peace, true peace.
May we catch a vision of how the world could live together.
And so we echo the old prayers,
Make us channels of your peace.
Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with us! Amen

~ written by Gord Waldie and posted on Worship Offerings.