Call to Worship for Memorial Day

Here’s an opening call to worship for Memorial Day / Remembrance Day from Lisa Frenz.  It is part of A Worship Service of Remembrance and Healing.  To see the entire service, click on the link below.

Memorial Day Call to Worship

We come before God, not to glorify war,
but to honor and celebrate those
who walked into the chaos and evil that is war:
those who were civilians and those who were military;
those who braved the censure of society
and those who gave of themselves for that society;
those who survived and those who did not;
those who were friends and those who were enemies.
None who have waded through evil, death and sorrow
are untouched in body, mind or spirit;
they are beloved of God.
We all were affected and changed by
(Military Action/Armed Conflict/the Vietnam War/
the Korean Conflict/the Gulf War/etc.),
and all are in need of reflection, renewal, comfort and healing. 

~ written by Lisa Frenz, in A Worship Service of Remembrance and Healing (2003). To see the whole worship order, go here:

If used in worship, please provide the following attribution:  “From A Worship Service of Remembrance and Healing, conceived and written by Lisa Frenz 2003 Copyright: Public Domain.”