Psalm of Celebration: Psalm 148

Here’s a responsive litany inspired by Psalm 148. It was written by Bruce Prewer.  Those of us who live in northern climes may have to substitute the names of more familiar flora and fauna – I doubt Bruce would mind!

Psalm of Celebration
(in the vein of Psalm 148)


Joyfully praise God, everywhere and everything!
     Let praise fill the whole cosmos!
Praise God, all races and nations on earth.
     Praise God, all children of the distant stars.

Praise God, sun, moon and the planets.
     Give praise, suns, solar winds and comets.
Praise God, super-novas and spiral nebulae.
     Give praise, black holes and cosmic mysteries.

Praise God, dingo, platypus and wallaroo.
     Give praise, lyrebird, magpie and cockatoo.
Praise God, Huon pine, silky oak and tree fern.
     Give praise, Spinifex, mulga and ghost gum.

Praise God, jumbo jet and space shuttle.
     Give praise, pilot, navigator and astronaut.
Praise God, baker, farmer and supermarket.
     Give praise, hospital, bush nurse and flying doctor.

Praise God, all microscopic wonders.
     Give praise, cells, chromosomes and genes.
Praise God, atoms, electrons and quarks.
     Give praise, microchips and microsurgery

Praise God, Chief Justice, Koori Elder, and Prime Minister.
     Give praise, painter, musician and comedian.
Praise God, chapel, church and cathedral.
     Give praise, archbishop, priest and pastor.

Let everything praise the goodness of the Creator,
     for God alone can be utterly trusted.
God, our God, is worthy of love and adoration.
     Give praise, everything and everywhere!


~ written by Bruce Prewer, and posted on Bruce Prewer’s Homepage.