Prayers of the People: Easter 3 C

Here’s a prayer of intercession for the third Sunday of Easter (Year C).  It was written by Rev. Roddy Hamilton, and posted on the Starters for Sunday website.

Prayer of Intercession
(inspired by Acts 9: 1-6)

Hear our prayer O God
as we hear your call
If only the world heard your voice as clearly as Paul
and recognized its truth and sharply
But as we do, and they have not
grant us the strength to be your voice in this world

So we pray for this world
so much violence and no solution;
so much that has been done rightly or wrongly;
and a fear and panic that no solution can be found

So for those who find prejudice a way of life we pray;
for those who are trapped and caught up we pray;
for those who have been displaced we pray;
and for those living with and making decisions we pray
Hear us

For all forms of prejudice;
for folk who physically or emotionally build walls we pray
for those who live with an extreme view of religion
for those who are self interested we pray
and for those who live a life beyond what is dehumanizing we pray
Hear us

For ourselves
for those who are our family and friends we pray;
those who we know are ill and those recovering;
those who are lonely, anxious, confused, stressed we pray;
and for those who bring colour back to life we pray
Hear us
So be it

~ written by Rev. Roddy Hamilton, Minister of New Kilpatrick Church.  Posted on the Church of Scotland’s Starters for Sunday website.