Prayer: Blessings for All

Here’s a prayer of thanksgiving and confession inspired by Psalm 67.  It comes from the Bread for the World website.

Prayer of Thanksgiving and Confession
(inspired by Psalm 67)

The land has supplied a bountiful harvest,
and the True God, our God, has poured out His blessings to us all.  Psalm 67:6 (The Voice)

Most gracious God,
who gives the fruits of the earth for the benefit of all your creatures,
we give thanks to you for abundant harvests and plentiful food.
We pray for those in our land who are denied these gifts,
and seek your forgiveness for our complicity in their want.
We thank you for our government,
designed to be responsive to the will of the governed,
and for the choices that are ours in this land of opportunity.
We pray for those whose voices are not heard and for those who do not hear.
Forgive us when our choices are selfish ones,
and forgive us especially when we do not choose to raise our own voice
against the pain of those among us who suffer needless want.
Most of all, 0 God,
we give you thanks for the revelation of your love in Jesus Christ,
who came that everyone might have abundant life. Amen.

~ from Thanksgiving Service of Commitment, posted on the Bread for the World website.