Opening Prayer: Revelation 21: 1-6

Here’s an opening prayer inspired by Revelation 21: 1-6.  It comes from My Redeemer Lives website.

Opening Prayer
(inspired by Revelation 21: 1-6)

Eternal God, our Alpha and Omega,
our beginning and our end,
we have gathered in this time and at this place to worship You.
In Your time, You created all things,
and wove into their fabric a yearning for fulfillment in You.
It is this yearning within us which has pulled us here this morning.
Take these moments, O Lord of time and space,
and complete them in us, through Your Holy Spirit.
May our labor bring forth a new creation in You.
This is Your hour, Christ Jesus,
help us to make the most of each precious moment.
For in Your name we have gathered, and we pray. Amen.

~ posted on My Redeemer Lives website.