Opening Prayer: Isaiah 6: 1-8

Here’s an opening prayer of invocation inspired by Isaiah’s vision in Isaiah 6: 1-8.  It comes from My Redeemer Lives website.

Opening Prayer
(inspired by Isaiah 6: 1-8)

O Holy God,
like Isaiah the prophet, we stand in awe of Your glory,
feeling tremendously small and polluted by our sin,
and the sin of our society.
Even so, You touch us with Your burning presence,
and we are made clean and whole.

O God, our Creator,
continue to build this household of faith into what You want us to be.
O Christ, our Savior,
lead us to do as You will.
O Spirit, our Power,
strengthen us for the work of the Kingdom,
a worship and a service which is ours today as well as tomorrow.

O Blessed Trinity,
fill this place and these people with Your presence.
For yours is the Power, and the Salvation, and the Creation,
now and always. Amen.

~ posted on My Redeemer Lives website.