Affirmation: We Sing of the Spirit

Here’s an affirmation of the Holy Spirit’s role in our lives and our world.  It comes from the United Church of Canada’s Song of Faith (2006).


We sing of God the Spirit,
      who from the beginning has swept over the face of creation,
      animating all energy and matter
      and moving in the human heart.

We sing of God the Spirit,
   faithful and untameable,
   who is creatively and redemptively active in the world.

The Spirit challenges us to celebrate the holy
   not only in what is familiar,
   but also in that which seems foreign.

We sing of the Spirit,
   who speaks our prayers of deepest longing
   and enfolds our concerns and confessions,
   transforming us and the world.

We offer worship
   as an outpouring of gratitude and awe
   and a practice of opening ourselves
   to God’s still, small voice of comfort,
   to God’s rushing whirlwind of challenge.
Through word, music, art, and sacrament,
   in community and in solitude,
   God changes our lives, our relationships, and our world.

~ excerpted from Song of Faith of the United Church of Canada (2006).