Mar 22, 2013

Prayer: Wedding Worship

Here’s a prayer which uses the imagery of a wedding dance for the relationship between the gathered community and God in worship.  It was written by Erin Morash, a Mennonite Church pastor in western Manitoba, Canada.

Erin wrote the prayer following a recent workshop in which we were discussing the role of the Trinity in worship.  We had looked at Geraldine’s Latty’s delightful song on that theme, Dance of Our God, and this thoughtful prayer was the inspired result.

Wedding Worship

Come dance with me, Beloved
God leads us out, gathers us
close, a touch, a shift
past hesitation we begin
to follow the heat, a Body
of fire that draws us in
breathless with questions
lips parted
for the taste of wine, the salt of bread
souls skin hungry for the pressure, release,
the whisper of a Word
against our ear
The empty space between, full
of Presence, the Passion
discipline of step, slide, turn, glide
back, back
forward turn,
and turn again.
We follow with dull feet
a stiff neck not helping with
Grace, still we follow
Love’s rhythm,
the lead a hand warm on our back
trusting the touch
the Power tipping us into
a moment where
all balance is held
by Other strength and
then the lift to our feet again
The stillness.
face to Face, a Breath away.

~ Erin Morash, March 9, 2013