Mar 22, 2013

Prayer: Source of Laughter

Here’s a prayer from Bruce Prewer which would be especially appropriate on Holy Humor Sunday (the first Sunday after Easter). 


O holy Source of laughter, thank you for giving us the gift.

For all things harmlessly quaint, incongruous and unexpectedly absurd:
      for pomposity that falls on its face,
      for children chuckling over a riddle,
      for lovers enjoying each others quirks of character,
      for cartoonists ‘sending up’ political arrogance,
      for explorers cracking jokes in the face of danger,
      for the terminally ill who laugh with their nurses,
      for the saints who throw laughter into the jaws of evil.

For Jesus and his quirky sayings;
      the camel attempting to squeeze through the eye of a needle.
      the man with a plank in his eye 
           who tries to shift a speck from a neighbour’s eye.
      the woman who bakes bread for her family 100 kilos of it!
      the man (having a ‘senior’s moment’?) who lights a lamp, 
           only to put it under a bed.
      the dead who want to bury the dead,
      the woman who on finding one lost coin, throws a party,
For the New Testament faith that can laugh because it knows
nothing can cut us off from the love of Christ
      “neither a host of troubles nor deep distress,
      neither persecution nor starvation,
      neither nakedness, peril nor sword,
      not anything in life or in death,
      will be able to separate us
      from the love of God
      in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

O holy Source of laughter, thank you for giving us the gift,
and for the faith and hope that allows us to employ it to the full.

We laugh because you first laugh on our behalf.
Thanks a million!

~ written by Bruce Prewer, and posted on Bruce Prewer’s Prayers for Sojourners page.  

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