Mar 22, 2013

Prayer: Laughter

Here’s a prayer to the Lord of laughter.  It was written by Bruce Prewer.


Lord of laughter, open our eyes to see through the
absurdities of this brazen century and to confront
them with good humour rather than faithless despair.

Help us to smile while the wealthy worry or the
politicians strut and dissemble.
Give us the grace to chuckle at technological vain-glory
or the self-praise of the entertainment industry.
When ignorance poses as dogmatic, scientific wisdom,
or the devil’s slaves pretend to be angels of light,
enable us to laugh heartily with the faith and daring
that is born of your Easter victory.

Lord of laughter, when we take ourselves too seriously,
laugh at us until we come to our senses.
For your love’s sake; Amen!

— written by Bruce Prewer, and posted on Bruce Prewer’s Homepage.

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