Prayer: God Smiles

Here’s a prayer of praise for the created world, drawn and planned by “a God with a sense of humour.”  It was written by John Birch.

Prayer: A God of Expression

God smiles, this much I know
for he created laughter
so that we might join in the enjoyment of his creative energy
those wonderful colour schemes of bird butterfly and flower.
The shapes and expressions on so many creatures and insects
These weren't created by a boring God
they were drawn and planned by a God with a sense of humour
and that's a comforting thought!

Creator God, we praise you for the diversity of your world
and for the life you have breathed into all things
for the colours we see
the sounds we hear
the textures we feel
for the large
and the small
the fierce
and the timid
and prey

Creator God,
we thank you for your creation,
perfect in its design and purpose,
perfect in its diversity and unity.

— written by John Birch, and posted on his Faith and Worship website.

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