Apr 3, 2016

Call to Worship: Easter 3 C

Here’s a call to worship inspired by the suggested scripture readings for the 3rd Sunday of Easter, Year C.  It was written by Rev. Quentin Chin.

Call to Worship for Easter 3 C
(inspired by Psalm 30 and John 21: 1-19)

Brothers and sisters.
If you lift your net and it is empty, 
Come here!
We’ll cast it out again into Christ’s abundance.

If you open your eyes but do not recognize the Holy One, 
Come here!
We’ll find the Risen Christ here among us.

If your life is filled with mourning, 
Come here!
Christ is leading a dance of joy.

Come here, sisters and brothers!
To give blessing and honor and glory to God!

~ from Feed My Lambs, written by Rev. Quentin Chin.  Posted on the United Church of Christ website. http://uccfiles.com/pdf/FeedmySheepEaster3April14.pdf