Apr 28, 2019

Benediction: John 21: 15-19

Here is a responsive commission and benediction inspired by John 21: 15-19. It was written by Bruce Prewer.

Sending Out
(inspired by John 21: 15-19)

Christ asks if we love him?
If we say yes, he says; “Then care for one another.”
This is our opportunity to make a difference, to live lovingly
on the frontiers of his bright new world.

We cannot promise to do it perfectly, but we can give it a go,
relying on his abundant wisdom to take our small love,
and fit it into a larger pattern of good for all creation.

May God bless the world in which you move,
and bless your home and bless your friends.
May God bless the eyes with which you see,
and bless the ears with which you listen.
May God bless the way you use your hands,
bless the way you employ your tongues. (From a Celtic prayer)

As a bonus from the living God in Christ Jesus,
grace mercy and peace will be yours, today and always.

~ written by Bruce Prewer, and posted on Bruce Prewer’s Homepage. http://www.bruceprewer.com/