Feb 15, 2013

Readers' Theatre: Luke 13: 1-9

Here’s a simply two-voice readers’ theatre setting of Luke 13:1-9, the suggested Gospel reading for the third Sunday of Lent, Year C.  It relies heavily on The Voice translation.


Readers’ Theatre: Luke 13:1-9


One:     As Jesus was speaking, some people told Him the latest news

            about a group of Galilean pilgrims in Jerusalem—

            a group not unlike Jesus’ own entourage.

            Pilate butchered them while they were at worship,

            their own blood mingling with the blood of their sacrifices.

            Then Jesus said:


Two:     Do you think these Galileans were somehow being singled out

            for their sins,

            that they were worse than any other Galileans,

            because they suffered this terrible death?

            Of course not.

            But listen,

            if you do not consider God’s ways and truly change,

            then friends, you should prepare to face His judgment

            and eternal death.


            And while we’re speaking of current events,

            you’ve all heard about the 18 people killed in that building accident

            when the tower in Siloam fell.

            Were they extraordinarily bad people,

            words than anyone else in Jerusalem,

            so that they would deserve such an untimely death?

            Of course not.

            But all the buildings in Jerusalem will come crashing down

            on you if you don’t wake up and change direction now.


One:     The Jesus told this story:


Two:     A man has a fig tree planted in his vineyard.

            One day he comes out looking for fruit on it,

            but there are no figs.

            He says to the vineyard keeper,

            “Look at this tree.

            For three years I’ve come hoping to find fresh figs,

            but what do I find?


            So just go ahead and cut it down.

            Why waste the space with a fruitless tree?”


            And the vineyard keeper replies,

            “Give it another chance, sir.

            Give me one more year working with it.

            I’ll cultivate the soil

            and heap on some manure to fertilize it.

            If it surprises us and bears fruit next year,

            that will be great,

            but if not, then we’ll cut it down.”


~ from The Voice translation of scripture.  To read more, visit here: http://www.hearthevoice.com/