Feb 3, 2013

Psalm 91 Paraphrase

Here’s a beautiful paraphrase of Psalm 91 from Leslie Brandt.


Psalm 91


The one whose faith is focused on God,

      who finds his security in Him,

   does not have to live in fear.

He is not left untouched

     by the tempests of this life,

   and he may be wounded

      by the onslaughts of evil,

But his great God does not leave him

      to suffer these things alone.

The Lord cares for His own and delivers him

   even in the midst of the conflicts

      that plague him.


If God is truly your God,

   you do not have to be afraid

      of the enemy that threatens

         or the affliction that lays you low.

Men all about you may fall,

      never to rise again,

   but the Lord is by your side

      to raise you to your feet

      and to lead you to ultimate victory.


Even the ministering spirits of His invisible world

   are watching over you.

They will not allow anything to hurt you

   except by God’s loving permission

   and through His eternal concern.


Our loving God has promised it:

“Because My child loves Me,

      I will never let him go.

I shall feel the pain of his wounds

      and bear his hurt

   and shall transform that which is ugly

      into that which enriches and blesses.

And when he cries out in agony,

   I shall hear and answer him.

I will be close to him and will deliver him,

   and I will grant him eternal life.”


~ written by Leslie F. Brandt, in Psalms Now. http://www.amazon.com/Psalms-Now-Leslie-F-Brandt/dp/0758606486