Prayer of Confession: Genesis 15

Here’s a prayer of confession inspired by Genesis 15: 1-18.  It comes from the Worship Ways Archive.

Prayer of Confession
(inspired by Genesis 15: 1-18)

We hear the call to trust in God always,
But honestly, some days our stresses and doubts
are even more real to us than God, and trust is elusive.
We remember how Abram dared to believe in God’s promises,
But belief like that is hard to come by.
We are often inclined to think,
 “God helps those who help themselves,”
instead of daring to rely on the word of our Creator.
When the world seems filled with dangers,
we can be quick to protect ourselves,
And we forget the wisdom of scripture,
which reminds us that we find traces of evil both
outside and inside of ourselves.
With God’s help, we confront our fears and struggles,
and we call upon a power greater than our own to resist their pull.
Hear us, Holy One, as we confess our frailty and failings.

Silent prayers of confession

Words of Assurance

Though fear should beset us;
though danger cause us to close up our doors;
though troubles assail and lead us away from the ways of grace;
only one thing is necessary:
just turn back to God’s promise of grace.
Remember that God is reaching out with loving arms,
and let yourself be held.
Only ask for forgiveness, and it is ours:
know that in this moment we have asked
and in Christ Jesus, we are forgiven.

Thanks be to God! Amen.


~ posted on the United Church of Christ’s Worship Ways Archive.