Easter Sunday Prayer: Fresh Eyes

Here’s a prayer for Easter Sunday from Brian Draper.


as if the shock of Good Friday wasn’t enough for your closest followers...

We feel for those faithful women who went to visit you
just after sunrise on that Sunday morning,
and fled, trembling and bewildered and afraid.

You were not there.

Forgive us when we sanitise your death.
And forgive us, too, if we belittle your resurrection!

Please help us to see this most incredible of moments,
this greatest twist of any plot,
through fresh eyes,
on this bewildering, yet most joyful of mornings.

Help us to see it through the tear-filled eyes of those women.

Help us to see it through the disbelieving eyes of the men,
some of whom came running.

And help us to glimpse it through your own eyes,
which must have blinked into the early morning sunlight
of that first Easter Day,
from out of complete, and utter, darkness,
and refocused,
and creased, with a smile.

You are risen indeed.

~ written by Brian Draper, and posted on the Monthly Prayers page of the Christian Aid website.  http://www.christianaid.org.uk/