Feb 21, 2013

Call to Worship: Maundy Thursday

Here’s a call to worship for Maundy Thursday from the First Baptist Church in Rome, Georgia.

Maundy Thursday Call to Worship

The entry into Jerusalem -
a time of great celebration!
The entry into the upper room -
a time of great togetherness!
The entry into the judgment hall -
a time of great humiliation.
The entry onto Golgotha -
a time of great pain… and death.
Our Lenten journey has brought us to this place.
To profess our faith.
To hear Jesus’ Story.
To remember his life and his death.
Called by God as sisters and brothers in Christ’s love…
we gather and worship God.

~ from Maundy Thursday Service from the First Baptist Church, Rome, Georgia (2008).  Posted on the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Georgia website. http://www.cbfga.org/