Affirmation of Faith for Holy Week

Here is a statement of faith for Holy Week. It was written by Roddy Hamilton.


A sort of statement of faith

some shout hosanna
some shout crucify
some shout Jesus
some shout Barabbas
some wave palms
some shake their fists
today we choose...

some break bread
some break silence
some proclaim Jesus
some deny Jesus
some carry the cross
some run from the cross
today we choose...

some are angry
some rejoice
some anoint with costly perfume
some complain at the waste
some like the light
some prefer the shadows
today we choose...

some weep
some conspire
some follow
some hide
some believe
some betray
today we choose

to shout for life
to follow the cross
to break bread
to hold belief
to trust love
and tell the world
we choose to follow Jesus

~ written by Roddy Hamilton, and posted on Listening to the Stones.  Used by permission.