A Prayer for Transfiguration

Here’s a prayer for Transfiguration Sunday from Meredith Holladay.

Prayer for Transfiguration

God of our mountaintops,
     give us gravity.
God of our valleys,
     give us perspective.
God of our peaks,
     give us stillness.
God of our depths,
     give us footsteps forward.
God of the whole creation,
     give us community.
God of our inmost, quiet souls,
     give us your voice
God of our bodies,
     give us your spirit.
God with us in our restlessness and wakefulness,
     give us your rest.
God with us in our sleep and calm,
     give us vision of newness.

God in our living, and God in our dying.
God in our laughter and God in our weeping.
God in our fear and God in our joy.
God in our doubting and God in our praise.
God who comes to us in the rushing wind, pouring rain, and boom of thunder.
God of light, water and of wind, God of language and singing, and silence,
we come today holding much heaviness in our hearts.
And we come with full hearts of love.
We hold all things to you,
confident that you are already present in the darkest corners,
and in the brightest light.

As we prepare this week for our Lenten journey,
may all that we do speak redemption in the face of despair.
Move your Spirit over us, in thought, word, and deed.
We pray this for all those who cannot.
In your Son’s name, Amen.

— written by Meredith Holladay, and posted on the Lakeshore Baptist Church website. http://www.lakeshorewaco.org/