Jan 28, 2013

Reflection: The Wisdom of Ash

Here’s a thoughtful prayer reflection on ashes from John van de Laar’s Sacredise.com website.

The Wisdom of Ash

There is a wisdom in ash,
that we need so much,
but seldom hear.

It's the wisdom of grief,
that reminds us of our mortality,
and that Life is more than this dust can contain.

It's the wisdom of confession,
that brings our darkness out of hiding,
and opens the windows to Light.

It's the wisdom of repentance,
that stops us in our tracks,
and charts the way to Love.

There's a wisdom in ash,
and we welcome it, Jesus,
thankful for the renewing gifts it brings.


~ Copyright © John van de Laar.  Posted on the Sacredise website. http://sacredise.com/