Prayers of the People: John 2:1-11

Here’s a prayer of intercession inspired by the wedding at Cana (John 2:1-11).  It was written by Bruce Prewer.


Prayer of Intercession


God of wedding parties and new wine,

of love and laughter, dancing and singing,

we pause to pray for those among your worldwide family

who today may be feeling left out in the cold.


Bless the many people who must toil for such long hours

that there is no time or energy to laugh or sing.


Bless your children who feel so demeaned and exploited

that they view even angels of mercy with suspicion and fear.


Bless the many folk who are caught in vicious circles of evil

and can see no way to escape.


Bless those among your children whose every waking hour is spent in pain,

and whose sleep is at the best fitful.


Bless those people who are drawn to Christ and new life,

yet who fear the scorn of family, friends or workmates.


Bless your children who once tasted the new wine of Christ

but have now slipped away into indifference, or maybe despair.


Bless those folk who with much trembling,

hand their lives over to you this day.

May they find faith and courage for the days to come.


Bless the people of your church,

that abundant love may flow in our prayers

and our prayers flow into generous words and deeds.


In the name of the Christ who makes all things new. Amen!


~ written by Bruce Prewer, and posted on Bruce Prewer’s Home Page.