Opening Prayer: Psalm 36

Here’s an opening prayer inspired by Psalm 36: 5-10.  It was written by Moira Laidlaw.


Prayers of Praise and Petition
(based on Psalm 36: 5-10)


God of abundant and steadfast love,
we gather to worship and praise you.
There is no way we as humans can measure the immensity of God’s love—
because it is as vast as the immeasurable heavens;
God’s love is deeper than the deepest seas;
and all of creation cannot contain all the love
that flows so faithfully and generously from God’s heart of grace.
How precious is God’s love to us,
we, who forever have doubts about how loveable we are!

The Psalmist sang his hymn of praise to God,
aware that his community was surrounded by people
who had forgotten their faith in God!
He reminded his anxious people of God’s merciful faithfulness
and compassion towards all creation, people and animals alike;
and encouraged them to come to God’s fountain of grace
for renewal and strength.
We all know what it is like to be surrounded by people
who give little attention to God and their own spiritual needs;
and so we pray and praise our Generous God
for accepting us into God’s eternal presence,
to be nurtured and nourished with God’s own love.
As God’s vulnerable children, we have an open invitation
to shelter from life’s storms under the shadow of God’s wings,
just as chickens find refuge under their mother’s wings;
for you O God, are the Source of all life, love and grace.

All-loving and all-merciful God,
help us today to accept the searching light of God’s love into our lives,
so that with honest hearts, we may experience God’s just peace
surrounding and upholding us in our daily struggles in faithfulness.

Remembering God,
help us to always rely on your eternal promises,
so that claiming these promises as our very own,
we may daily grow in love and in our commitment
to our Holy and Righteous God,
and seek to serve God all our days. Amen.

~ written by Joan Stott, and posted on the Geelong City Parish UCA website.
If used in shared worship, please provide an acknowledgement as follows: © 2013 Joan Stott – "The Timeless Psalms" RCL Psalm Year C, used with permission.