Call to Worship Litany: Isaiah 12: 2-6

Here’s a call to worship litany based on Isaiah 12: 2-6.  It was written by Jann Cather Weaver.

Call to Worship Litany
(based on Isaiah 12: 2-6)

Surely God is our Salvation!
We will trust and not be afraid!
For God is our Strength and Song—and our only Salvation.

With joy we will draw water from the Wells of Salvation.
And we will say in that day—
“Give thanksgiving to God!
Call upon God’s Name!
Make known God’s deeds among all the nations—
Proclaim the Power of God!”

Sing praises to God for all the marvelous things—
let them be known in all the earth.”
“Sing and shout for Joy, O People of God!
For great in our midst
The Holy One of God.”

~ Jann Cather Weaver